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Melody of stars

Melody of stars

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Alexei Kovalenko is a highly successful music producer who has built an empire from his love of music. He's lived in blissful ignorance of the threats circling around him. All that changes when he meets Mia, a talented street performer, and falls for her. The sparks fly, but the passion between them is short-lived when Alexei's life is threatened by an unknown enemy. The attacker's efforts are relentless, and Mia is in danger because of her association with Alexei. Alexei soon realizes that the threat is rooted in his past, which he can't remember completely. As Alexei races against time to unravel the mystery of the threat, he must also battle his amnesiac mind and confront the painful secrets he has buried away. In the end, his love for Mia becomes the reason he fights harder to get to the bottom of the mystery, unlock the keys to his past, and ensure their future together.

Chapter 1 My destiny



Waking up,to being a billionaire is every man’s dream in this world. But in my case, it was my destiny.

My name’s Alexei, and I’m one of the biggest music producers and Fashion CEO’s around.My parents were exporters and Importers of Cocoa, and they own other multiple businesses. Simply put, I have lived my life in wealth.

“Young master. You have to come out for breakfast.” I heard the head maid say from behind the door and I sighed tiredly.

Breakfast with my parents was a nightmare, and I know fully well, what they probably wanted to talk about.

“I will be with you in a short while.” I said and I heard slight sounds of her footsteps fading away. I came down from the bed and sauntered slowly into my bathroom.

Huge, Black. My type of decor. I loved bein g in the dark as it granted me solitude. It was my safe haven. So it was no wonder why, I had my room and bathroom designed with Black, decor. I reached out to the sink and spurted on my hands, from the tube of my face wash and washed my face.

I finished taking my bath and sauntered out of my bedroom, wore my suit, and went down to the breakfast table.

“I have told you multiple times, never to delay me when I want to have breakfast, son. It makes me edgy.” My father said as I walked into the dinning room.

“Morning to you too, Father. You know,I always take a bath before breakfast and dinner.” I said, pulling out a seat to seat on.

“Just like your mother, a clean freak.” He said and I heard Mother chuckle.

“Unlike you, my son knows the intricacies of cleanliness.” Mom said and rubbed my back a bit.

“Morning Mother.” I said and kissed her palm.

“Morning, my boy. I trust you had a good night sleep?” Mother asked as she placed pancakes in front of me.

“Yes, yes. I worked till much later in the night, but I had a short rest, and I feel energized.” I said and cut up the pancake into pieces with my fork and Knife.

“And I assume you have a hectic work at the office today?” Father asked he sipped his coffee. One would think that he and I had a very good relationship, seeing how we constantly threw jabs at each other.

But our relationship was sour. And it was because of the one thing that children of Conglomerates have to bear. Marriage.

I was not a person who wanted to have commitments to a woman. Not yet. I wasn’t even a fan of having kids.

Maybe it was because I was hung up on her. You know the strange girl I saw in my dreams. She was a beautiful young girl, one that had the heartstrings on my heart pulled, each time I saw her face in my dream. I constantly try to remember who she might be, I couldn’t pin it. Most of the friends I had now, I had them since childhood, so I could remember the faces of them all, how they looked like when they were young..

And she was not amongst them. It was weird, worrisome, and felt ominous. Like there was something about her, that might be hidden somewhere in the memories that I had lost.

Yeah, I had a severe fall, and I lost memories when I was much younger. Sometimes, I like to think that fate,would bring her to me. Some day,some time.

“What are you thinking about, seeing you pick at your breakfast?” Mother asked and I veered away from my thoughts.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking of the new singers that would be coming into the studio for Vocal training sessions.” I said and Father grunted.

“ have told you, to leave this music of a thing and remain in the business, where you are supposed to be.” He said and i sighed internally.

Music, was another reason why my Father and I’s relationship had soured and rotten.

I had always been a music person even had the persona of a musician. When I was 19 years old, Father sent me to England to study Business management, but I changed and studied Music,. When I returned home two years later with a BA degree in Music, Father went mad with Fury and rage, and threw a statue at me, drawing blood from my head and giving me a minor scar,One hidden by my hair.

“You and I agreed, that you would stay out of my business with my music production and all, if I stayed away from the spotlight as a famous musician and only remain a producer. We agreed that I would take over your company, and you would let me do as I please with my passion. I do not need to remind you, do I?” I said, eating a piece of pancake and I could feel my father’s glare.

“I told you before that music is only for losers. People who do not have things to do for themselves but have wanton dreams, that is who music is for.” Father said and I slammed my fork down on the table.

“Music is what people do for hobbies, as passion. I doubt you’d understand what that is, Father, because you constantly stuck your head in your work. So much so, that you were not there even when I woke after surgery, after that accident when I was eleven years old.” I said angrily and the whole dinning room went silent.

“Alexei,darling. Not that again,please.” Mother said and I closed my eyes and sighed.

“I was working so that your future would be secured.” Father said and I glared at hi.

“Well, Father, my Future is settled now. You have worked hard, so much so, that three more generations would enjoy the wealth you worked so hard for. But I am a believer in doing your own work, and that is what I am doing. I love Fashion and Music, and that is why I am doing it. Im not lazy and I do not have wanton dreams. Do not think that people who have wanton dreams are lazy. They are humans,like we are. And it is okay to have wanton dreams.” I said and Father glared at me, but said nothing.

“Well, if that’ll be all. I’ll take my leave now.” I said and stood up.

“Alexei.” Mother said and I shook my head.

“Not now Mother.” I said and she sat down back, glaring at Father.

“Make sure you are home tonight. We have guests.” Father said and I gave him a look.

“What guests?” I asked.

“The family of your future bride.”

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