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img img Romance img Married to him; The arranged marriage
Married to him; The arranged marriage

Married to him; The arranged marriage

img Romance
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Aria's father and Christopher's father have been friends since they were children. In other, to keep the friendship bond going, their parents decided to arrange their marriage. The marriage was toxic; The fights, the everyday quarrel. Just as when the divorce papers were being prepared, the unexpected love came. He really didn't want to carry on the divorce anymore. He realizes that he has fallen for her, but does she even feel the same way for him?


“Too much sugar!” Chris slammed his hand on the table. I rolled my eyes. Every morning in this house is war. “You know what, Chris?” I raised a brow. “I am so sick and tired of your bullshit” I was furious already. “ You always have in it in mind to ruin my morning. I hate you for this” I yelled angrily at him. “I made your tea with the exact measurements you instructed me to. More milk and less sugar. You always have something to complain about” I quickly added. He stood up while gritting his teeth. “How dare you talk back at me, Aria?!” He foamed angrily. I wasn't moved at all.

I was already used to all of these. I took another gulp of my tea and continued. “ You know what? I just want a divorce. Furthermore, I am so tired of you and your stupid ass complaints. Using me every night like I'm some sort of your sex slave, hurting me both emotionally and physically…” I looked at him dead in the eyes. He smirked. “Lucky for you, my lawyer is working on our divorce paper” he replied and for the first time in a while, I genuinely smiled. I blamed my dad for putting me through all this mess. I wonder what my dad saw in him that made him think he was good enough for me, to talk more of him being my husband. “Well, great. I've never been happier than this” I stood up, took my cup of tea and went straight to the kitchen and emptied everything into the sink. I could hear the door slammed. He was gone. This house is a lot peaceful when Chris leaves for work. I rubbed my belly and sobbed gently, like, how do I even break it up to him that I'm already carrying his child? This man has done nothing but emotionally and physically hurt me. I just hope the divorce papers will be ready soon enough, so I can leave him for good. My dad and Christopher's dad have been good friends since I was a child, so my dad and his dad thought it would be a good idea if their children got married to keep that bond. Big lie! Ever since our marriage was arranged, my dad and I bond broke. I deleted him completely from my life. How could he do this to his only child because of some stupid friendship bond? However, It's been two years and a few months since I got married to the man I had no feelings for. Every morning in this house begins with arguments and ends with argument. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was preparing for dinner when my husband arrived home. I set his table and asked him to join me, but his response was that he had already eaten at work. I joined him in the bed afterward. I was still contemplating if I just tell him if him about the pregnancy, or I should just wait for the perfect time. I laid on my back until I felt two bare hands carelessly my boobs. “I'm not in the mood tonight” I pleaded softly. “Nonsense! You're my wife and your job is to please me whenever I want” his voice sounded aggressively. He got up, stood before me and ordered me to take off my clothes. Without hesitation, I did. I sighed. I closed my eyes and let the darkness devour me, shutting myself out of the real world. My alarm woke me up in the morning. I searched around, but Chris wasn't there. I shrugged. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it over my chest and went downstairs. He still wasn't in the bathroom, dinning table or kitchen. “Maybe he left pretty early today” I thought. I was in the kitchen making some pancakes for myself when Chris approached me. He had a test tube. A pregnancy test tube. Jeez! I had forgotten to dispose of that thing before he even saw it. “What's this?” He asked, shoving it over at my face. I stared blankly at the two striking lines, they were almost faint. “Are you pregnant??” He asked again and I swallowed. “Yes I am. I've been wanting to tell you for a while now, but I just wanted to wait for the perfect time” I responded. “Who is the father?” He questioned. “What do you mean by who is the father?” I said with a frown. “I need to be certain. Who knows what you do when I'm not around?” He replied with a small shrug. “Perhaps that's one of the reasons you deny me sex at night because you have someone who satisfies your needs,” he quickly added. I shook my head as I rolled my eyes. I wasn't even ready for my morning to be ruined this early. “Fuck you, Chris!” I said, I tried to walk away when he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me. I lost balance and fell on the floor. He got knelt over me, punching me on the face, stomach, literally everywhere. I tried to fight back, but he was way powerful. “I'm sending that child to wherever it came from” He muttered under his breath as he punched me on the belly one last time. I screamed, I cried, and I begged him to stop. "Why are you doing this to me?” Heavy tears rolled down my face. That was when I felt a sharp pinch on my lower abdomen as I winced in pain, then I looked down, I was bleeding. I was losing blood. Chris looked back at me and grinned mischievously, then he grabbed his suitcase and walked out of the house. I staggered up and made my way to the room. I grabbed my phone and dailed my mom's contact. I woke up in the hospital an hour later. “You passed out before I even got there” My mom had told me. “Did he do this to you?” She asked, rubbing my head. I winced. My whole body was hurting. “Yes, mom” I managed to say. I was in severe pain. My face was badly injured. The lower part of my abdomen still hurts. “That boy really pushing it too far. You need to come back home, baby” Her voice was too calm, but she was hurt. “I'll be fine, mom” I replied as she smiled weakly. “The divorce papers will be ready in a few weeks or a month from now” I added. “Where's dad?” I continued. My mom sighed. “He's busy with work, honey” She replied and. I mouthed a wow. The doctor came in a few minutes later and announced that I'm no longer pregnant and that I was suffering from stress. I needed to rest, eat more fruits, and gave me a few prescriptions to help with my healing. As soon as he left, I leaned over to my mom and sobbed gently.

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