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img img Romance img Love Temptation: Let Me Be Your Slave
Love Temptation: Let Me Be Your Slave

Love Temptation: Let Me Be Your Slave

img Romance
img 134 Chapters
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img Marne Golzio
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The boldest thing Angela had ever done in her life was to secretly conceive Jeremy's child despite knowing that she was just a plaything. Jeremy was a vicious man. She knew he would rage if he found out about the pregnancy. To gain freedom, she intentionally annoyed him until he couldn't take it anymore. As soon as he "dumped" her, she ran away for her baby's safety. It wasn't long before Jeremy smelled something fishy. He tracked her down and brought her back. Angela was scared and also tired of him. After all her tricks to make him release her failed, she yelled, "Can't you just leave me alone? I don't want to serve you anymore!" A warm glint leaped into Jeremy's eyes as he looked at the baby in her arms. "Who said anything about you serving me? Since you have been good to me in the past, I'd like to do the same. What do you say to me serving you and our baby from now on?" Angela could hardly believe her ears.

Chapter 1 She Had A Big Secret

The day brightened, and the intimate atmosphere in the bedroom slowly dissipated.

After sweeping his gaze past the woman's smooth back, the man got up and went into the bathroom directly.

He took a shower, changed into a silver suit and walked out expressionlessly.

At this moment, his cold behavior was nowhere near that of the lustful man who had spent the night with her yesterday.

Well, he didn't show much enthusiasm on his face too when he was in bed with her last night.

The moment the man got up, Angela Wallace opened her eyes. She had just been pretending to be asleep.

Her throat was dry.

It was not until the man was about to step out of the door that she said in a low voice, "Goodbye, Mr. Carson."

She didn't know if he heard her. He merely stopped for a split second before going downstairs without saying anything.

Looking at his cold attitude, Angela sighed.

Four years ago, she worked as an intern in the Carson Group.

On her first day of work, she accompanied her boss Jeremy Carson to a business dinner. Jeremy happened to be drugged, and they had sex right that night.

And then many other nights during the past four years.

No one knew the relationship between them, though. It had been kept hidden until today.

Although Jeremy didn't say a word, Angela knew that they might not have a chance to see each other again.

She quickly got out of bed, packed her things, and went downstairs. As expected, Jeremy's special assistant, Blaine Martel, was sitting on the couch in the living room.

With a laptop on his lap, Blaine sat upright while typing quickly. He had a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on, and he looked serious.

Hearing the noise, Blaine pushed his specs to the bridge of his nose as he turned around.

When he saw the suitcase Angela was holding, his gaze darkened. But he quickly concealed the surprise in his eyes.

They had worked together for many years and cooperated well at work.

Angela greeted Blaine naturally and sat opposite him.

Only then did Blaine move the laptop away and hand Angela the prepared document. Clearing his throat, he said, "Miss Wallace, this is for you from Mr. Carson."

Angela took it over and lowered her eyes to glance at it. She remained silent for a long time.

Her lashes trembled.

Blaine thought she was sad, so he said in a low voice, "Miss Wallace, if you need anything else, you can tell us. As long as it doesn't go too far, Mr. Carson will definitely agree to it out of consideration for the relationship between you and him."


In Jeremy's eyes, she was nothing but a tool to satisfy his sexual lust.

People would only feel nostalgic for tools, at most; and it would only be because it worked well. Tools still had to be thrown away when their time was up.

Hence, the connection between her and Jeremy wasn't a serious relationship at all.

Regaining her composure, Angela said with a vague smile, "Mr. Carson is really generous."

Her tone was a little indifferent, which made Blaine tut in his heart.

Angela was calm. It was as if she had already expected Jeremy would leave her.

She had been with him for four years, and now they were parting ways. He had given her three houses, including the villa she was in now, cash, and some other things. The total value of everything was about one hundred million dollars, at least.

That didn't include what she had received over the years. Even if she was no longer with him, this amount of money was enough to support her for the rest of her life.

As expected, Angela was a tough one. Even Blaine was green-eyed when he saw what Jeremy had given her.

If it had been an ordinary woman, she would've been on cloud nine when she received the sky-high "alimony" from Jeremy. But Angela was different. Instead of being joyful, she secretly ridiculed Jeremy.

Angela signed the document without hesitation.

Then she took out the resignation letter she had prepared from her bag and handed it to Blaine. She said politely, "Please give this to Mr. Carson for me, Mr. Martel."

Judging from Angela's identity, it was normal for her to resign from the Carson Group after leaving Jeremy.

"I will, Miss Wallace," he said.

Hearing that, Angela smiled gently. "I'm not his secretary anymore. You can just call me Angela from now on."

Soon, Blaine stood up and left.

Looking at his back, Angela raised her hand and gently stroked her flat belly.

Even if Jeremy didn't grow sick of her, she had to find a way to leave him.

After all, she had a big secret that she kept from him.

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