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Love Me Harder R18

Love Me Harder R18

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Among the Mafia, Ace is called the Devil. Sofia is known as an angel. Due to the pressure their fathers put on them, they are forced to be married, to join the two Mafia families. However, Sofia eventually learns that even the devil once was an angel. a/n: I hope you'll enjoy this more romantic than mafia book.

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

Sofia's POV

My heart raced as I walked down the hall, leading to my father's office, my footsteps were heavy and loud to let him know was coming his way.

I placed my hand on the doorknob and turned it slowly, hesitant to walk in. But I did so anyway.

stood confidently in front of my father determined not to let him see my fear. "Yes, father?" I questioned strongly, standing in front of his wooden desk that filled half of the room. It had papers that were wet from him previously spilling his beer bottle, which was now empty on his desk along with the others. The room was dim and his curtains were closed, not letting the sunlight through.

The intimidation was seeping out of him, yet his back was to me as he spoke.

"You are my youngest child, and only daughter" he declared with a careless but demanding tone. "You are going to get married to Ace Hernandez" My father put out his cigarette as he turned his chair around to see my reaction. My heartbeat froze from just hearing the name. Ace Hernandez as in the Ace Hernandez. "They own one of the biggest Mafia's fathers" I responded with fear in my voice. I didn't want to marry someone because of their power, I wanted to marry someone who I loved and trusted. Someone who will respect me and care for me.

"Exactly, you will meet him in a week, you will make a good impression or else there will be consequences, do you understand?" my father spoke demandingly, gritting his teeth in anger."

The stench of alcohol filled the room. He was drunk as usual, shouldn't be surprised as he has always been this way. "Yes, father" I stated, attempting to hide my anger and frustration. "Get out of my office" He grumbled turning his chair away from me. A tear rolled down my cheek as I shut the door quietly.

I strutted down the hallway, feeling stunned about what he had just announced to me.

I headed straight for my room, shutting the door behind me. I lay on my bed, feeling overwhelmed by hopelessness and shock. I had mixed emotions; I didn't know this man. Ace could be abusive, aggressive, violent, loud, and even worse, a drunk like my own father. Not to mention Ace does not have the best reputation in the Mafia. I could be stuck with a man who's exactly like my father and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Lost in my thoughts, I heard a light knock on my door. "Sofia?" my mother uttered softly before entering my room. "Mamá" [responded sadly as frowned, finally letting the sadness consume me. My mom wrapped her arms around me, trying to comfort me the best she could.

I was upset but I couldn't change the situation so I'll just have to accept it.

She rubbed my back soothingly, trying to console me. "Your father told me today what he was planning, I wouldn't have let him if I'd known sooner" she tried to hold back the emotion in her voice. "I know" | sighed, hugging my mom tighter than before. "Your brothers are not going to be happy about this, especially Raul My mom shook her head disappointedly, not able to make eye contact with me.

Raul was my oldest brother and surprisingly got along with him the best. I have 4 other brothers so 5 in total. Raul, Stefano, Marco, Javi, and the youngest boy Diego. We're all only a year apart.

We are all Spanish but my father had forbidden us from learning even a word of the language because he uses it to talk to his friends and Mafia alliances so we can't listen to the conversation and know his ideas unless he wanted us to.

"Anyways, come down and eat with your family, dinner is ready" My mom spoke calmly as she stroked a strand of my loose hair behind my ear. She stood up and walked out; I followed my mom downstairs shortly after.

"Heyyyy Sofia" Raul cheered, hugging me before noticing that I seemed upset. "What's wrong?" Raul asked worriedly, making all my other brothers stare at me. "Nothing, just a long day" smiled reassuringly, sitting down at the table. I watched my father walk in with not care in the world.

We all ate and everyone was talking about their day. "So Sofia, how was your day?" Diego questioned me. My father stared at me sternly while he cut his steak, his harsh look warning me not to tell them. "Boring" I replied with a small smile before cutting into my own steak awkwardly. They all blinked at me a couple of times, but I shrugged it off before going back to talking.

"I have an announcement" my father's deep voice boomed from the top of the table, grabbing our attention immediately. All my brothers immediately stopped talking instantly since it was one of my father's many rules.

If I talk, stop what you are doing immediately and listen.

"Your sister is getting married soon" He declared, standing his ground. I saw Raul's face drop and suddenly become flooded with rage. "Surely you can't be allowing this?!" Raul jumped up angrily. "Sit down boy, I haven't finished speaking" My father spat at Raul causing him to slowly sit back down in fear.

Don't disobey my rules or question them.

"It was my decision" My father's voice echoed through the room. "She's only 18!" Marco slammed his fist on the table in anger. "How can you allow this?" Diego yelled disgusted at Mamá. "She's the youngest of us. all, you can't do this!" Raul pointed furiously at me while my mother tried to calm him down. I sat at the table quietly, unable to eat my food.

The table was chaotic with the noise of my brothers as I stayed silent, not wanting to add to the commotion.

"STOP" my father roared, scaring us all. "I have a headache and I don't have time for this arguing, it's happening whether you boys agree with it or not" My father spat through his gritted teeth, before walking out of the kitchen. My father never called my brother's men, I think he does it to belittle them.

Raul left the table and stormed out of the room; He was more upset about this than I was.

"You be careful" Stefano warned me, pointing his knife at me. "Yes, I will be" I nodded reassuringly, trying to finally put this argument to rest. I knew no one could change my father's mind, he has always preferred the boys anyways.

"We have to go train Sofia, we'll be back soon" Javi got up from the table and patted my head as he walked by, making me smile slightly. Diego, Marco, and Stefano follow close behind Javi. My hair was a mess by the time they had all finished patting my head.

I smiled and shook my head while fixing my hair. They still treat me like a child.

"Your brothers adore you" My mamá spoke up, staring at the food on her plate with regret. "Raul couldn't even look at me, he was so disgusted" my mother mumbled as a tear ran down her cheek. "Mamá, it's okay, it's not your fault" I reassured her as I washed my plate at the sink.

"He told me just before he told you, was so angry but it was out of my power, I just hope you understand" My mom strolled over to me.

She brushed my hair out of my face with her hand. "I love you, my baby" She grabbed my face gently, planting a kiss on my cheek. "I love you too Mamá" I responded with a soft tone. "You will be okay, do you understand?" My mom raised her eyebrows at me questionably. nodded slightly before she pulled me into her arms once again.

"I don't want to go" finally admitted as she held me close. "You can't

be stuck in this house forever" My mamá muttered to me.

"What about school?" I panicked as I stared worriedly at her. "You will still go to school, well, that's if Ace allows you" my mom froze thinking of him.

Ace had a cruel and merciless reputation that has not been broken to this day. Although I haven't heard anything in particular about him. It's like everyone in the Mafia knows who he is but he's still mysterious in a sense.

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