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Living with Arrogant CEO

Living with Arrogant CEO

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Matilda Huston is a 25 years old woman with a painful past, living alone and escaping from her abusive past. She moved to Canada a few months back and got a job at a multinational company. She was living a peaceful life till she met her new boss Easton Fanaggaen who made her life ups and down through his bullying. Little did he knows, they shared a moment long ago when she was in her college years and he remembers that. Easton Fanaggaen is a 27 years old hot billionaire and the CEO of Fanaggaen&Co whose business chains are spread throughout the world. He is handsome, hot sexy, tall, and rich, everything a girl wants. He does not believe in love and he just had those typical one-night stands. His belief is proved wrong when he saw Matilda for the first time and is smitten by her. He asks her to be his forge fiancée to run away from the marriage his parents have framed for him. ************ "I will," she said in a dark tone. "Okay let's talk tomorrow, my desperate arrogant boss must have sent me more work through email and I am in the middle of the street so I have to go," she said while rolling her eyes. She was standing in front of the bridge. She hung up the phone and turned around. The horror was standing alive and well in front of her. Her breath stopped and her very own voice was surrounding her head. "Desperate, arrogant" She felt her head spinning around. He was staring at her expressionlessly. He walked slowly towards her while she walked backward. "Desperate? Arrogant? Am I?" he said in a very deep voice. She felt her voice had gone to hell. She was trying to speak but no sound, just words. "I think you have not seen how desperate I can be" he brought his lips near to her ear and said in a whisper. He grabs her and put her on his shoulder. She felt his shoulder blades pinned hardly on her left rib. Warning: The spelling and grammar is bad but I'll try to edit it once the book is completed. Highest rank: #4 in Romance [UNEDITED]

Chapter 1 Dedication Note Content Warning Prologue


To "You" whom I lost, I am dedicating this beautiful tale of love and magic in a hope of getting you back. To make you acknowledge that I love you more than anything else in this world, I have loved you until we were strangers; I will love you more now you are known.

NoteCopyright © 2021 Michelle Zeah

All rights reservedThe names, character, places, storyline everything in this book is entirely fiction. Any resemblance or similarities of events are entirely coincidental.

None part of this book may be reproduced in any form or any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher, except by reviewers, who may quote brief Passages in a review.


Content Warning

The book might contain the strong language and theme.

Before you read!

It's a mature themed story so read it if you are 18. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully.

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He got up from his seat.

"Did you like work here?" he asked in a tone which gives her chills in her spine.

"Yea, yes it good" she said in a broken voice. He walked towards her, it was so much uncomfortable.

"Are you free tonight Miss Huston? I want to give you a welcome treat you will decide the dinner place" he said in a very dirty tone. She felt insecure and anger rush in her veins.

"Mr. Nathan do you give treats to every employ in the company, seems like you work here as a entertainer" she snapped.

She turned to leave, when he had grabbed her hand "Don't you dare to speak to me like that, you junior little worker" he said while grabbing her hand even harder.

She was trying hard to push him away. Finally she had pushed him away and ran out of cabin. She was running towards the lift and luckily it has been opened. Without noticing who is in she got inside the lift. She was about to push 34, when a hand pushed the button. She turned to look. It was Mr. Easton. He looked inside her eyes. They were teary. "Tears!" he thought with shocked.

But his expressions did not changed he has good command over his expressions. He saw her coming out of room no 7 when lift was opened. She was shaking with fear.

She was feeling his chest at her back. She moved ahead to avoid the closeness. His expressions changed and he push the floor 29 again much to her horror.

"Why he is pushing the 29 again?" she thought afraid. "Is he supporting him for what he has done to me?" she came to the conclusion.

"I don't want to work here, He is taking me to that pig again what will happen?" she thought afraid, she was even more shaking with fear.

The lift reached on the 29 again. Unexpectedly he grabbed her arm softly and pulled her with him towards the room no 7. She was so much terrified that she did not resist.


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