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img img Romance img LOVE: potion or poison
LOVE: potion or poison

LOVE: potion or poison

img Romance
img 37 Chapters
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For nineteen year old Clara love has always felt as a pain; though not from her own experience. This changed when she met Julian. Love - does it hurt in future as Clara always thought? Is there really a happily ever after as said in fairy tales? Clara falls in love with Julian. Due to Julian’s missing, she marries Andrew. After a few years of happy married life, Julian comes back.

Chapter 1 Clara

Clara Thompson, a sweet 19 year old university student, always thought love hurts. She has seen her friends and family getting hurt from true love. So she decided never to fall in love. Till this day she never been on a date as well.

Her friends termed Clara as an unusual weird person with no emotions. In their eyes she is a sweet old virgin who don’t know how to live life. Clara is a nun and a lifestyle police in their life killing their joy as well.

Only Clara know how her life was changed due to her sisters heartbreak. So that day, even she was only 6, she decided to stay as a bachelor all through her life.

Clara is very attractive. When she is out of her house she makes a hundred heads to turn to her beauty.

Clara was intelligent, always top of class, a dancer, singer and an athlete. She was excellent in everything except the department of love.

Her friends, Shirley and Mariam, always thought she had a mental problem because Clara lived in her safe bubble. No one was allowed anyone inside of her bubble. How much ever Shirley and Mariam showered love on Clara, she never replicated the same.

Is Clara really having a mental issue

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