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Invincible Son In Law

Invincible Son In Law

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He is the most despicable son-in-law of the Smith family, but one day he turns around and became a billionaire with the most powerful identity, and even amazed her beloved wife who dreamed of every day identity of him

Chapter 1 No.1

Reuben Jones was wiping the window. “Reuben Jones, first clean the window,” his mother-in-law Isidore said pretentiously.

“Mom, next time you let me wipe the window, can you choose a sunny day? It’s raining hard outside. .”

“Let you wipe it, just wipe it, there is so much nonsense, believe it or not, I will seal your mouth next time,” she smacked him. It's not clean, don't eat today!"

He hit Reuben Jones on the shoulder again after speaking.

“Why do you want to beat me?” sneered Reuben Jones' mother-in-law. Come on, smack me. If you dare to touch me, I won't hate you. Dare you if you win? You scum!

Reuben Jones badly wants to fight back. He's been a dog in the Smith household for years. Aside from work, he frequently lacks food due to returning home. in law.

After four years of marriage, he didn't even hold his wife's hand, claiming to be a son-in-law but really being a Smith family slave.

“Trash is trash; don't strike it. It's better to die than live like you! sneered my mother-in-law.

Reuben Jones bowed his head, tightened his hands, and remained silent.

“How many times have I told you not to bully him?”

Reuben Jones shook, lifted his head, and saw a lovely lady frowning slightly at the door.

Annabelle Smith, his gorgeous wife.

Annabelle Smith's eyes were cold and disappointed.

“Dignity? Ask him whether he has dignity. !”

Then Annabelle Smith responded, “Okay, Mom, tidy up and go downstairs.”

“Annabelle, is there truly another way?” her mother-in-law said quietly. I heard Alex is an ugly, overweight old man!”

When Reuben Jones heard this, he shivered and his ears perked up.

“This is the only way,” Annabelle Smith murmured, closing her eyes.

“You are not the only girl in the family, Fiona Smith, Bradley Smith is also quite beautiful!”

“Perhaps this is my life, ,” Annabelle Smith said, her eyes sad.

If you become a useful guy, you won't be permitted to do things like this, hey?

Annabelle Smith regarded Reuben Jones, who was wiping windows. Her disappointment became greater.

They were far away, believing Reuben Jones couldn't hear them, but he could. He lifted his head, his eyes were bloodshot, and his heart was racing! He want to tell Annabelle Smith loudly that he was not a waste, but the eldest son of the aristocratic Jones Family of Winiburg. The problem is he can't!

He clenched his teeth and followed Annabelle Smith and his mother-in-law out.

His father-in-automobile law's had abandoned Annabelle Smith and him, so he had to drive a car to catch up.

Luckily, it's rush hour, so he barely caught up.

After a half-hour wait, they all stepped in together. Reuben Jones found it was the Smith family's office building.

The Smith family launched a multi-million dollar apparel empire. He previously insulted Annabelle Smith's cousin. The Smith family wouldn't let him in after that.

“Everyone has been waiting for you.”

One of the elders expressed displeasure at the number of individuals in the box.

“Sorry, traffic was heavy. It took a long time for everyone.” Kyle Smith, Annabelle Smith's father, bowed and apologized.

“All right, let's talk about how to get through this.” The elder said .

Paisley Smith came up and said, “Grandpa, I believe Mr. William promised to give us $30 million without interest if our Smith family would send a good-looking lady to accompany him. So we shall follow him. We will surely survive this crisis .”

“Fiona Smith, Bradley Smith, Annabelle Smith, you are the only qualified for our Smith family,” Grandfather Myron Smith said. Now that the Smith family is in danger, who will Jonesg sacrifice for them?”

“Grandpa, I'm already engaged ,” Fiona Smith said first. Also, I came for menstruation issues yesterday... Grandpa, I sincerely want to sacrifice for the family, but you can't..."

They all looked at Annabelle Smith, who was beside them, and she sighed and smiled.

They've always admired Annabelle Smith. Annabelle Smith is more gorgeous and educated than them.

However, Annabelle Smith really married a son-in-law, who was still a waste but they were so pleased.

The family is in a financial crisis, and the bank would not provide money. The ugly and overweight President Alex is the only one willing to borrow. Annabelle Smith? you've come to make sacrifices.

”I’m married. Their third anniversary is in three days.!”

“We'll save Annabelle Smith and kill two birds with one stone!”

The conference hall reverberated.

Annabelle Smithwas quiet, gazing out the window. “Oh my lovely daughter, what are you in a daze?”

Isidore pushed her.

Annabelle Smith lowered her head, glanced to her grandpa Myron Smith, and said, “I can accompany President Alex...”

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