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His Secret Twins

His Secret Twins

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Ella Jefferson is an orphaned girl who wanted a good life, she experienced an undeniable mating bond with her mate. how will she feel getting rejected the next morning after a hot night of total intimacy? A few weeks later, she was struck with news that would change her life forever. Two years later, he discovers their twins, regretting his actions. Will Ella be able to move past her rejection and forgive him or run off to another city?

Chapter 1 1

I have been seeing this girl around, walking on her own, and barely talking to people. I got curious, I wanted to know her more but hadn't had the chance to talk to her.

Surprisingly, I saw her in my school, Queens High College. She was heading to the administration block, and as I was going after her, the bell rang. It was time for class.

“Shit” I cursed. I’ve missed another opportunity to get to know this girl”. I hope I get another chance”. I thought.

After Miss Natasha's biology class, she walked in. It seems as though we'll be having the next class together.

Fortunately for me, she sat behind me. I wasn't able to contain my excitement, so I turned to talk to her.

Feeling a bit shy, I said, "Hi, I'm Ella Jefferson. I've been seeing you around my place. Are you new here?"

She smiled and gave a friendly nod. Then she stretched out her hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you, Ella. I'm Khloe and I'm new here”.

Khloe leaned in and whispered, "My parents are wolves too, and we're part of the 'Blood Moon pack.'"

My eyes gleamed with excitement. "That's cool! My dad's a warrior, and my mom's a nurse. We live in the 'Blood Moon pack' too."

Khloe grinned. "Wow! Nice to meet you, Ella. Wanna be friends?"

I smiled back. "Sure!" We hugged.and started talking about school till our English teacher Mr Nelson came in.

After school, I and Khloe walked back to the pack house together, talking and laughing about everything.

As we got close to our pack house, we made plans to meet up later in the day.

hesitating for a moment before asking, "Khloe, can I visit you?"

Khloe smiled and replied, "Of course, Ella! You're always welcome at my house."

It was amazing how quickly we bonded. It felt as though we had known each other for years.

"Alright, Khloe. See you soon,"I said with a warm smile.

"Yeah, see you soon," Khloe replied, returning the smile as we hugged ourselves.

"Bye," I waved at her as we parted ways to our respective houses.

I was happy that I had finally found a friend who understood me, someone who was just like me.

"Mummy…. Mum Mummy.

I called out to my mum feeling excited. while having my lunch.

"Yes darling, what's the problem?" My mum asked

Sounding curious.

"Mummy…. I made a new friend today, " and she's also a member of our pack.

"That's so nice, how did it happen?" She inquired,

knowing fully well that I hardly make friends.

“Hmm, I exclaimed.

"I had been seeing her around the pack, and she seemed lonely. Coincidentally, we ended up in the same class, and it turned out that her family had just moved here," I explained to my mum.

My mother, concerned for my well-being, asked, "Do you trust her?"

I thought for a moment before replying, "I think I can trust her, Mum. She seems like a very nice girl."

My mum advised, "Just be careful, Ella. Get to know her well before you open up completely. People can be deceiving, so my baby, please be cautious, okay?"

I nodded, understanding her point of view.

"Mum, please, I want to go over to her place later this evening," I pleaded, giving her the best puppy-dog eyes I could remember.

My mother hesitated for a moment, then firmly said, "No."

I continued to plead, "Mummy, please!"

She hesitated, "Okay, you can go” but not without a condition, "You must be back before 6 p.m."

"Okay, ma," I agreed enthusiastically.

I quickly finished my meal and did the dishes. By the time I had finished, my mum was already in her room trying to rest before her night shift, which was why she wanted me home by 6 p.m.

As I prepared to leave, I popped her head into mum’s room.

“Mummy, I'm leaving, I'll be back before 6”. I said. With sleepy eyes, she replied, "Okay, baby. Take care and be careful."

“Love you mummy!” I shouted.

“Love you too baby” she replied.

Closing the door behind me and leaving my house for Khloe's house. The moment I was close to her place, I became nervous. I didn't know what to expect.

Knock! Knock!

A soft, gentle female voice answered from inside, "Yes? Who's at the door?"

Nervously I replied, "It's Ella, Khloe's new friend and classmate,"

The next sound I heard was footsteps drawing nearer to the door, and as it opened, I was welcomed by an elderly woman in her late 30s with black hair.

The woman looked at me with suspicion and asked, "Yes? Who did you say you are?"

"Good afternoon, ma," I greeted, feeling a little scared. "I'm looking for Khloe. I'm her new friend."

The woman asked further, "What's your name again?"

Before I could answer, Khloe's voice called out from inside the house, and she hurriedly came to the door.

"Mama, this is Ella, my friend! She's the one I told you about in the kitchen that was supposed to come."

Her face softened, confirming from her daughter. "Oh, I see. I was too busy making food that I forgot. Welcome to our house, Ella," she warmly welcomed me into their home.

Turning to Khloe, she suggested, "Khloe, why not take your friend to your room? She might be more comfortable there. She seems a bit nervous in the living room."

Once we got inside Khloe's room, she offered me a snack and a soda drink. We both sat on her bed and began talking about different issues, including their families and even boys.

Khloe threw a surprising question my way, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, I don't," I replied. "I have to wait until I'm 18 years old to meet my mate," I said Making a disgusting face.

Khloe burst into laughter. "It's not that bad, Ella. Mates are good for those who believe in them," she reassured. "You know," she continued, "my mother is my father’s second wife. His true mate had died giving birth to his child. My father was happy and sad at the same time."

I couldn't contain my curiosity so Interrupted, "Why? What happened between your dad and his mate?"

Grinning, "Well, he was never happy with his mate. He was happy that he was finally free, but was also sad because he lost his blood as well."

“My mother is not his mate, but he's so happy with her and they're in Love with each other, "You see, I want to be happy with someone I love, just like my dad. I'll choose my man, and not the other way around." she expressed.

I smiled, “Well, my dad and mum are mates and they love each other so much, their love inspires me every day and I will wait for my mate”.

Rolling her eyes, Khloe playfully says. "Okay, ma'am,"

“Now, let's go play some games outside”

"Now, let's go play some games outside!" I exclaimed.

"Ye!" I responded, excited. So we both headed outside, ready to explore some outdoor games.

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