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img img Romance img His Rejected Wife
His Rejected Wife

His Rejected Wife

img Romance
img 275 Chapters
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img A king
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“I want you inside of me” she whispered sending hot shivers down his body, his brain instantly went cold and he lost it for a minute. “You don’t mean that” he answered but deep down he wanted her to mean every single word she said. “I want you Matteo” she muttered again and his eyes flashed for a second filled with lust. “I want every inch of you deep inside of me” she said and he completely lost it. He kissed her fiercely prying her mouth with his tongue, he dominated the kiss but yet he wanted more. *** Selene was a beautiful young lady who had everything at her feet being the girlfriend of the rich billionaire in Athen but all that changed when she decided to propose to him and he rejected her. Instead he got married to her cousin breaking her heart further. Her family rejected her and forced her to beg him to take him back but instead she was given off as a wife to his cold and domineering brother who hates her. Matteo was bitter child from childhood who hated his parents for the cold treatment they gave him until one day he was given the ex-girlfriend of his brother as a wife who had always hated. Would Matteo be able to look beyond his hatred and fall in love with his wife or would Selene be able to ever fall in love again?