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Good morning, sweetheart!

Good morning, sweetheart!

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For several years, Charlie spent a lot of effort looking for a girl. When he learned that the girl broke up with her boyfriend, he thought of many ways for her to marry him. From then on, at wine parties, going to bars, nightlife, meeting partners outside of work, they all changed into going home to their wives, washing clothes, sweeping the house, cleaning the house...

Chapter 1 say goodbye to that bad man.

Jessica dragged her luggage into the elevator in a hurry, she hadn't been home for more than three months.

The company arranged for her to travel to City B for a design competition, along with a female colleague.Thinking that everything would be favorable, her design would be recognized by the censorship board. But no, what she received was just a notice, announcing that she was eliminated from the competition because her design was similar to Jenny's design.

She was extremely shocked, her design was blatantly stolen. The company also fired her because of this, hiding the truth. In one night she had everything, and she lost everything, the only thing she had left was her self-esteem.

Jessica and her friends immediately booked a plane ticket to fly to the city in the night. It was also 4am when she got home, Tomy could be sleeping very drunk. Jessica never told him that she was fired from her job, called and said that she was fine. He was tired during the day when he went to work. She didn't make him think.

From the corridor, she saw that the electricity in the house was still bright, they ejected outside through the door. Are you up at night working again? Come to think of it, Jessica was extremely worried about Tomy.

The door had just been opened, on the sofa that she loved the most, two people with men and women were swirling together. The whole room was filled with the smell of lust, the other girl spontaneously said some wild provocations, some moans.

She stood as if the sky planted her eyes after them, feeling extremely disgusted. Such nauseous words came from a girl's mouth. She never thought she would say those words in the future.

They wrapped themselves in each other, time and time again. The man slapped the girl's ass hard, pushing so hard that he wanted to pierce her. He even said some dirty words.

The other girl did not pick up the chain and was extremely responsive, moaning throughout the house.

The man showed no sign of stopping. They kept doing that, until she went inside and didn't find out.

Jessica is now in so much pain that she can't breathe. Remembering before, when she was preparing to go to the city for university, her mother once said: "Men in the world are not lacking, they are animals. The upper half is knowledge, the lower half is instinct. This is a way to differentiate between the sub-part and the human part. As a girl, you should know how to take care of yourself.” At that time Jessica laughed and said she didn't need to worry. Now that she thought about it, her mother said it wasn't wrong.

The other girl saw her standing in front of her and shot her, pushing the person above who was frantically working. That person was her boyfriend Tomy.

She grabbed the pillow hugging the cat she loved to cover her body. Tomy saw her immediately, her face turned white.

“When did you come back, why didn't you tell me?” He could only resist saying one sentence. Being a good man, he talked to her but kept signaling to the other person to go into the bedroom and change.

Jessica was still standing there, unlike the others who would rush to beat the little triangle, or beat this poor traitor. She still retained a part of her reason, based on their expression "He juggled". She knew this was definitely not the first time they had done this behind her back.

Surprisingly, she thought that when she returned early, he would be very surprised, would hug her and comfort her. How much sadness, how much resentment she had over the past time was soothed by him. It was really unexpected that he also gave her such an astounding surprise.

It is said in this world that there are three most disappointing things. The first is: Named in the yellow board, unfortunately the name above is my name but an unfamiliar surname. The second is: The wedding night of someone you love very much, but the bride is not you. The third is: In a foreign land, you meet a friend, but your relationship with her is not good.

Jessica and Tomy have been together for 4 years, since she was a sophomore. He is a high-ranking minister who is always at the top of the forums, the family is also very good. After graduation, Jessica got a job at a fashion company. Tomy went back to his family's company. They contributed money to buy a very beautiful house, life was also very comfortable. It is intended that after marriage will stay in this city “Settle down.”

Their family also liked her very much, the two sides considered waiting for the autumn to hold the wedding. It's May and they're only a few months away from getting married.

One evening his heart was robbed by people. My house, on the sofa I love, there is another woman with my fiancé. They did things she couldn't accept.

Not only that, the other woman was his competitor from small to large. She is her half-sister Hanie.

The earth is round, running out of the sun. She had stayed away from them, they wanted to win and lose with her to the end.

Hanie changed clothes and walked outside, looking innocently at Jessica. Sitting down next to Tomy, Hanie curled the corners of her mouth full of challenges. The thought that Tomy would protect and protect her. Unexpectedly, he sat down in another chair.

Hanie's face was purple, her teeth biting each other. Hanie threw her beautiful chin in Jessica's direction, giving a beautiful smile: “ long time no see.” Hanie had a lot of satisfaction in her eyes.

Jessica felt a bit of a headache, her temple jerked up for a while. She had no idea how rough Hanie's nerves of shame had to be to make Hanie consider being a third person a kind of glory. It is also unknown how thick the man's face was, so that he would still appear innocent in this situation.

“I haven't been back long enough to see all that you two have done together.” Jessica remained calm, laughing, she went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of cold water. Open the lid and take a sip as if not seeing Tomy's increasingly unsightly face.

He was extremely insecure in his heart, it was better for her to come and curse him than to be calm like that. The more he did, the more he didn't know what she was going to do.

“Where are you working?” She put the water bottle back in the refrigerator, then closed it, went to sit down in the chair.

“You don't know anything?” Hanie covered her mouth with her long, white fingers. She also smiled and said, “I'm working at Tomy's company, currently working as his personal secretary.”

Jessica sounded like that, laughing. Jessica could easily guess this.

Jessica opened her luggage and took out a large box of coffee beans and put it on the table: “This is my favorite coffee.”

Tomy found Jessica's smile somewhat calming. He even forgot all his mistakes. In his heart, he was calm, at best just playing with a woman, a man who was not rich. No matter how much he played, he still considered Jessica the owner of this house, so it was enough for her. Tomy turned his mistake into an obvious one, using the excuse that he was a man as an excuse.

Men are allowed to play with flowers, their women require them to be single-hearted. Where did that kind of thing come from, didn't the floor wind meet the floor cloud?

taking a deep breath, the blood was regulated and she just tossed her bangs: "Tomy, I'm tired of playing you, now I don't need you anymore. This coffee box is considered a farewell gift from me to you.” She said emphatically. She turned to Hanie and said: “Hanie, this man I don't need anymore for you, slowly play anyway you like to steal on other people's hands. This time I give it to you solemnly.” After saying that, she stood up and pulled her suitcase straight out.

Before going to the door, she didn't forget to turn around, saying a sentence to show her initiative: "Tomy today is that this grandmother doesn't need you, she's here to kick you."

proud to go outside, also lucky for her is the bank card, identification documents are in the luggage, leaving like this is not counted as too embarrassing.


Tomy really did not expect Jessica to do so, rushed to the door and pulled her hand back: "You and that woman are just playing a little bit, don't really think."

smiling faintly, removing his hands from his: “Playing? Played to the point of embracing. I thought I was in the wrong house of a newlywed couple.”

At that time in college, Tomy's pursuit of her was famous throughout the school, everyone who mentioned it had to praise her for being happy. At that time, at school, there were mainly children and grandchildren, hiding in the shadow of a bohemian family. And he pursued her sincerely. At that time, she was blind, so she didn't realize it and now, Jessica, her eyes were extremely clear.

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