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Cruel Billionaire

Cruel Billionaire

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“I will make you suffer so much! We will see!” Alexander Xavier said. . “Why did you turn so rude after marriage! What did I do wrong?" Jennifer asked. . Alexander returned from Canada. Through a drama that he designed to be a fluke that was more than a happening, he made Jennifer fall in love with him. . After receiving respect and taking the girl to marry him, he wasn't love nor a dream wedding that he offered, but cruelty and nightmare that he gave. It was all he did to take revenge on the girl's family. What happened in the past that made Alexander so vengeful? . Over time, Jennifer gave up and wanted to end it all. However, it was different with Raymond who grew a love feeling in her heart. Will they be together or just end it?

Chapter 1 1

Chapter 1

A lively party in a luxurious building with a capacity of a thousand guests. It was classy and had expensive food options. A glamorous themed wedding decoration with chandeliers, swarovski, and peach color flowers that looked beautiful. The guests were business executives, dignitaries, and several well-known artists. A wedding reception, accompanied by songs from Indonesia's top singers and costing billions had ended.

The bride was waiting for her husband in a bridal suite that provided a romantic and elegant atmosphere. The woman paced back and forth on the balcony of her lodge, scared and not knowing what to do.

Then she walked towards the table. Next, she put off her crown on top of her head.

Although she's only knew Alexander for a few months, Jennifer was sure she's married to the man, the CEO of Jacob Industries. He was gentle, dignified, handsome and a junior business executive.

The bathroom door opened. Alexander, who was shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist until his hips, gazed at his bride.

“Here!” he ordered in a loud voice, unlike usual.

Jennifer hurried, walking over to his husband, her new husband.

“Can you come to me fast, huh?!” his husband said forcefully.

Jennifer, who was shy at first, had now turned scared. Only a few hours after the wedding reception and still at her father's house, Alexander had dared to yell at her.

Afterwards, Jennifer arrived in front of him, the groom looked at the woman with a sharp look that wanted to pounce. “Follow me!” he ordered, pulling Jennifer by his one hand into the bathroom.

“What should I do?” Jennifer asked, frightened.

“Soap my body!” the husband replied, throwing his eyes the other way.

“Wait a minute, I need to change my dress!” His wife asked, not to need the marriage dress as a white costume designed for her at the marriage reception to be wet with detergent.

“No need!” his husband, who had just become the husband of a girl named Jennifer, shouted. The closed bathroom carried out Alexander's voice so loud it caused Jennifer to cover her ears.

“Don't be spoiled, this is your first duty as my bride! Help me take a shower!” he said with great emphasis.

Alexander stood up and let Jennifer scrub with her shower puff and her favorite mint-scented liquid soap.

“Faster!" Alexander ordered because he felt his wife was very slow.

Next, Jennifer rubbed her husband's back, wondering what he had done wrong, he turned into an abusive and angry husband.

“Don't be so loud you want to hurt my skin, okay! Just like that is incompetent, you useless wife!” Alexander cursed, showing a sinister smile on the corners of his lips.

Jennifer's tears welled up. It was unusual to be treated to anyone. She was the only daughter of Charles Damaresh. A successful entrepreneur who opened his business in various sectors, hospitality, advertising, villas and resorts. His two older brothers and he is the most loved by his dad.

After finishing soaping and rubbing Alexander's body, even the soles of his feet. Jennifer rinsed her husband's body with cool water. In the bathroom there was hitter water with two faucets, cool water and warm water, but Alexander asked him to clean with a dipper.

Jennifer stopped her activities. Now it was her turn to take a shower.

“Please help me take off my robe!” Jennifer pleaded and unraveled her knees, letting her wardrobe fall on the shower floor.

“What am I your servant?” replied Alexander. “Who told you to take a shower anyway! Wear lingerie for me, then you can take a shower!” he was no less scary than before.

“Yes!” she answered, shaking.

Alexander came out of the bath and was followed by Jennifer. The man sat the bed while waiting for his wife to make a lingerie for him.

“Here,” Jennifer answered, putting down her pajama made of rayon with a dark blue coconut tree motif.

“How rude, you! Wear it for me and wipe your tears don't cry!” he snapped.

Jennifer gulped, then knelt to put on her panties, her new t-bodice and pajama suit. She could see every inch of her husband's pristine white skin wrapping the stout muscles in their proper proportions.

“Take a bath there!” he ordered, still rude, and threw away Jennifer's hands, which were still buttoning her bodice.

Jennifer walked to the bathroom.

Brake! The sound of the door he closed. The woman leaned against the door with her knees bent, and she buried her face in them, unable to stand the harshness of her husband. Wonder what made Alexander so cruel.

“Do not be long!” Alexander told behind the door.

Jennifer got up from her seat and took off her wedding dress. A diamond ring wrapped around his finger as a dowry. At first, she was proud to wear a ring encrusted with 18-carat diamonds at a price of 1.3 billion, but now the woman felt sad and wanted to throw it away.

The cold water running from the faucet above her head soaked her hair and entire body, along with the tears that rolled down her cheeks. She had a feeling that this marriage was not the dream wedding he had longed for, but the beginning of a nightmare that would never end, still in her father's own house alone, Alexander dared to be rude and shout what else would happen when they lived under the same roof.

Jennifer closed her eyes at the thought. According to instructions from her husband, the woman did not linger in the bathroom. After she finished rinsing the foam on her head and all over her body, she rushed to finish her bathing ritual by washing her face to remove make-up.

However, when she wanted to walk out, she realized one thing , she had forgotten to bring a towel, and it was impossible to put her wedding dress back on, which was already dirty and wet.

Jennifer opened the door, peeked in, and made sure Alexander was still in the room.

“I forgot to take a towel! Can you bring me a towel?” Jennifer asked. She called Alexander 'darling' but this time her tongue refused to say the word!

Alexander, who leaned back with two pillows on his bed, didn't move, pretended not to know by continuing to focus on his cellphone screen.

“Didn't you hear me! Please bring me a towel!” Jennifer forced in a soft voice, even though she looked angry and stressed.

Hearing his wife dare to give orders to him, Alexander got up from his seat. He walked over to the woman.

“How resist you tell me to! I am a husband you should respect, not a servant you can order. Understand?” he was angry. The hatred in his heart was getting more and more rooted. Throwing cruel words, cursing, and making his wife feel like living in hell was a special satisfaction for him. Also, when the woman looked down, holding back tears with a trembling body, her revenge was avenged, even if only a little.


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