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Claimed By My Ruthless Boss

Claimed By My Ruthless Boss

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Hector Hidalgo needed a maid. The death of his wife had left him depressed, running his business, and his daughters getting traumatized and saddened by the death of their mother was too much for him to handle. Teresa Conner needs a job badly. Her mother had been sick since her father died in a hit-and-run accident, things have gotten hard for her and her family but when an opportunity comes to fill in for her, she jumps to collect the job. Teresa Conner wasn't rich but she promised to search for the hit and run killer when she has made enough money. All too soon the pair are fighting their mutual interaction, will they be able to help each other heal from their pain as they uncover a hidden secret?

Chapter 1 1

Hector Hidalgo had a happy family he loved so much.

He was a man who was known to be jovial, happy in both work and private life, planning everything he owned and had without being possessive or harsh to get to his position of being a multi-billionaire was how he had ensured his success.

He had built his company from scratch without his own family money getting involved. That was how his father had trained him to achieve his goal and success.

But things changed when Hector Hidalgo lost his wife in an accident that got him depressed, he was always out drinking and coming back home late. He felt fate was cruel to have put him in a situation like this, Hector had become grumpy, possessive and arrogant since that incident.

He wasn't the only one depressed but his 15-year-old daughter and his 5year old daughter, Rose Hidalgo was the youngest who was traumatized by the incident that caused her mother's death, while the eldest Maria Hidalgo was most affected since she was her mothers favorite.

This was the reason he was being pressured by his mother and his very own best friend to take a maid to care for his daughter. He had gone downstairs to notice a woman in his huge parlor touching just anything her hands could feel, he knew he hadn't invited anybody into his house today.

He looked at the floor to notice the bright pink suitcase close to her feet as her hand kept wandering around a frame that had a daughter and a mother on it. Hector bit his bottom lips as a frown appeared on his forehead.

He stared at her hair which was dirty brown in color and was packed in a ponytail. He stared at her shoes to notice how worn out they looked and her ripped jeans were the worst. He was stunned at how that frame captured her attention and she just couldn't notice his entrance.

He certainly didn't understand what was fascinating about such a frame. He stared at her petit form. At the mere gape he had already figured out who she was, he couldn't help it as an evil smirk played widely on his lips.

Even after his wife's death, his dark hair, power, wealth, and as well his handsomeness made women throng themselves at him but never had he thought of them as someone he was attracted to.

Hector never imagined that it could get to this, that they could stalk him to his house. News has been going around and letters have been mailed to him by unknown ladies who claim they had his baby but he could swear that he loved his wife when she was alive and had never cheated on her.

He was too depressed about what had been going on for a month to be interested in any woman, though he knew he was only interested in girls that hardly paid him much attention! Just like his late wife Susan did, he had chased her like a puppy till she finally accepted to be with him.

He knew he was weird but that was the only thing in a woman that sparked his whole being. Gritting his teeth together he walked fully inside the parlor, he coughed a little to gain the Lady's attention.

“You are not one of my stalkers, are you?” he asked, making the lady stare at her shoe. He felt sick at her sluggish ways, he wanted to hear her speak.

He watched as her hands clutched her clothes as she kept murmuring to herself. She glanced at him, making him notice that her face had gone red. “I repeat, who are you and what are you doing inside my house?” he demanded as he turned to notice his 5-year-old daughter dressed up as she walked toward him.

“You are invading my privacy and I might include the police for trespassing, at this level if you don't speak in 5 seconds! You might end up in prison for the rest of your life, ” he let out as his daughter stood clutching his clothes tightly.

He was furious already as he pulled his phone to make a call when her voice stopped him. “Sir, I’-I, ” she stammered and Hector could see her collarbones popping out from fear. She heaved a sigh before staring at the cute 5-year-old clutched to her father.

“My mother,” she let out before shaking her head.

Hector was getting frustrated and irritated as he folded his arms across his chest not helping her out of her predicament. When she stared at his eyes he raised an eyebrow and stared back.

“My name is Teresa Conner, I saw a poster asking for a maid, I called the number and a lady picked! She directed me here, that's all, I promise,” she finally let out, making Hector wiggle his head, he knew that woman this lady was talking about was nobody else but his mother.

“But does that include a suitcase, ” he asked dryly, as he stared at her pink suitcase that looked well packaged and stuffed with clothes. “She told me I needed to be around your daughter, she explained that she was, uhhh___, ” she said, not finishing her sentence.

Teresa's face got more red as she stared at the well-built figure before her, her boss was handsome and could be mistaken for a greek God. He stared at her to notice that she wasn't tense as she was before, she had now dropped her hand to swing uselessly.

“You are employed, only to care for my daughter and nothing else, got that?” he questioned plainly, making her move to hug him. “Thank you, thank you, at least mum can get her medication, ” Teresa said as some tears found their way out of her eyes.

When she realized what she was doing she pulled away and bent her head in embarrassment.

They stood in silence with no spoken words.

Teresa's heart was pounding hard in her chest. She stared up to notice a huge frown on Hector's face, she hoped she hadn't done anything to make him go back on his word. She had agreed to take a job like this because her sick mother needed medication so badly and her siblings needed to be taken care of.

And this man in front of her could solve her problem by letting her work here. “I would give you the job but then again, you can't stay at my place, ” he said with finality as he stared at her eyes without flinching.

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