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CEO's Second Chance

CEO's Second Chance

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Two years into their marriage, Evelyn had only encountered her renowned husband Dermot through the flickering screen of a TV. Eventually, the day of their divorce arrived, and with it, Dermot's sense of newfound liberation. Amidst the late hours of his business ventures, Dermot stumbled upon an enigmatic female hacker, his fascination piqued by her elusive presence. Through subsequent interactions, he uncovered another layer to her identity—she was also the CEO of a high-end fashion brand. Determined to win her heart, Dermot embarked on a relentless pursuit. In the midst of their courtship, the woman posed a question, her gaze penetrating Dermot's soul, "Do you truly know who I am?" Dermot's response carried a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty, "You're the celebrated hacker, the visionary behind a prestigious fashion empire... or is there more to your story?" With a hint of intrigue, the woman drew closer, her lips brushing his ear as she revealed, "Actually... I still hold the title of your ex-wife."

Chapter 1 Divorced

At the City Hall, Evelyn Kyte came out with her newly released divorce certificate.

"Mrs... Ms. Kyte," Bruce Jackson, the butler, stopped her with a hint of embarrassment. "Mr. Doyle asked me to give this to you."

Then, Bruce handed Evelyn a bank card, and he didn't need to say anything else before Evelyn understood his intention.

Seeing this, Evelyn froze for a second before saying, "No need. Please send my gratitude to Mr. Doyle. I'm grateful that he took care of me for the past two years."

After speaking, she went straight to the side of the street and got into the black Maybach that had been waiting there.

Evelyn looked at the two men in the Maybach helplessly. "Aidan, Niall, it was just a divorce. Why are you so nervous?"

"Evelyn, are you actually divorced?" Niall Harland, who was in charge of driving, looked back at Evelyn with a hint of suspicion.

Evelyn nodded and said with a smile, "Of course. I just got my divorce certificate."

Then, she took out the bright red divorce certificate from her bag and showed it to her brothers.

"Well done!" Niall laughed. "You should've done this a long time ago."

"No, wait. You shouldn't get married in the first place!" He added.

Evelyn glanced at Niall and said hurriedly, "Focus, Niall. I just left the tomb of my marriage, and I don't want to let myself end in a real one."

"Besides, getting a divorce isn't something cheerful. Why are you so happy?"

Everyone believed that everything could be damaged except marriage. However, Evelyn felt her brothers couldn't wait for her to get divorced.

"Of course, I'm happy."

Niall nodded, then glanced at the man in the back seat who had remained silent all this time. "And I'm not the only one. Aidan is very happy as well."

Noticing Evelyn's gaze, Aidan Brooks nodded in agreement and said, "Niall is right. You shouldn't have married that man from the beginning."

Evelyn sighed helplessly. "This was Grandpa's last wish. You both know I couldn't disobey his will."

Aidan and Niall fell silent for a moment when they heard Evelyn mention their grandfather. Then, Niall complained, "I don't know what was on Grandpa's mind. He actually let you marry that bastard Dermot Doyle."

"Your marriage lasted for two years, yet he always pretended that you never existed! He went too far!"

Niall would have taught Dermot a lesson long ago if Evelyn hadn't stopped him.

Compared with Niall's rage, Evelyn seemed much calmer. "It's okay. We never bothered each other during our marriage, and he had never been to the Doyle Manor since we got married. He probably can't even recognize me."

Their marriage was indeed ridiculous. They should've been the most intimate couple after two years of marriage, but they had never met. It seemed that nobody could accept a relationship like this.

However, Evelyn could take it easy. Neither she nor Dermot wanted to get married in the first place. Evelyn wanted to fulfill her grandfather's last wish, and Mandy Doyle even forced his grandson to marry Evelyn. Nobody was willing to make this happen.

"If I had known Dermot was such a jerk, I would never let you marry him," Niall spoke again. Apparently, he hated Dermot's guts.

"I really can't understand what Grandpa was thinking. If he really wanted you to marry someone, it should've been me!" Niall smiled and continued, "Aidan was also a good choice. Anyway, both of us are much more reliable than that bastard!"

Evelyn was shocked by Niall's words and fell speechless.

"Don't be kidding, Niall. No one will marry her brother." Evelyn didn't know what Niall was thinking.

But Niall looked indifferent. "We are not related by blood. Why can't we get married?"

Evelyn rolled her eyes at him. Although Aidan and Niall were adopted by her grandfather, the three of them grew up together. In her heart, they were her siblings, and it had nothing to do with whether they were related by blood.

"Stop it, Niall. In my heart, you two will always be my elder brothers."

Niall was only joking, and Evelyn didn't take it seriously. However, neither noticed Aidan, who had remained silent in the back seat.

Aidan's eyes flickered slightly when Niall suggested that she could marry Aidan, and he unconsciously looked at the girl beside him.

But after hearing Evelyn's words, his eyes became dim and soon returned to normal.

Aidan hid his secrets very well. For so many years, neither Niall nor Evelyn had ever noticed anything unusual.

"Forget about it. It's good for you to divorce him. So, any plans for the future?" Aidan asked with an attractive voice that sounded as comfortable as the warm sun in winter.

"Two years ago, you chose to retire in order to get married. You've disappeared for two years, and many people are dying to ask for your help."

Evelyn sighed when she heard his words. She couldn't help but miss the good old days. "It has been too long. I don't know if they still remember Dr. Kyte."

"Of course."

Aidan looked at her, and his eyes flickered with emotions that nobody could see through. "You are one of the most famous brain surgeons in the world. No matter how long you've disappeared, you will never be completely forgotten."

"Really?" Evelyn smiled. Her eyes sparkled eagerly. "Then it's time to celebrate my return."

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