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img img Billionaires img Billionaire's contract fiancee: Taming the dual him
Billionaire's contract fiancee: Taming the dual him

Billionaire's contract fiancee: Taming the dual him

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Dawn's accident tosses her into the hands of the youngest billionaire In the country, Rex Kings. After being saved by him, she is again reminded of the harsh reality that she does not have the money to pay for her foster grandfather's surgery. Aware of Dawn's predicament, Rex offers her a tempting proposal. To pretend to be his fiancee for two years in exchange for her grandfather's hospital bills. Unwilling to lose the only family she is left with after her mother's unjust murder, Dawn agrees and signs a contract that binds them both. Eventually, an agreement written on paper starts to grow into a beautiful thing called love. Dawn is accepted into the Kings family. But as she spends more time with them, she learns that the family is steeped in lies and secrets. Among these secrets is the truth about her mother's death. What secrets is the wealthy family keeping, what more secrets will be unveiled by Dawn's presence in the Kings' family, will the secrets be powerful enough to tear Dawn and Rex apart?

Chapter 1 Accident

~ Dawn~

"Leaving already?" Harry, my boss asked. He was standing by the store room with a notepad and a pen clutched in his hand, probably to check the ingredients we had left.

"Yes, it's late already. I have to hurry to get to Gramps". I replied, pulling the apron over my head, and hanging it neatly on the cloth hanger.

"Do you know if Kelvin is here? He's supposed to take your place?" Harry asked, now leaning on the wall. His eyes followed my movements as I picked up my belongings from the locker and slammed it shut.

"I called him five minutes ago, he said he's on his way". I responded, my eyes not meeting his as I pulled out the hairband holding my straight jet-black hair in a ponytail and ran my fingers through it.

"Alright Dawn, see you tomorrow. Tell gramps I said hi".

I nodded with a smile, obviously in a hurry. I saw him disappear into the storeroom from the corner of my eyes.

Harry is the owner of the fast-food restaurant where I work. He is a young successful man who seems to have achieved everything he could ever want.

Unlike most young men who prefer wearing suits and getting stressed behind an expensive desk, Harry prefers rolling up his sleeves, wearing an apron, and getting stressed over a stove.

Harry has turned out to be a good friend, more like an older brother to me since he employed me after he tasted my recipe, scratch that my mom's recipe.

He employed me when I was still in high school.

That day, I was strolling on the street at night thinking about how getting a job would help me and Gramps.

My nose soon caught the aroma of delicious cake wafting in the air. I looked up at the big neon sign above the entrance of a restaurant, to my left.

"Harry's" it read. I noticed how customers were trooping in and out of the restaurant, I could see chatting customers through the commercial window. My stomach growled but I ignored its protest, making up my mind to apply for a job there.

Although skeptical about the possibility of gaining employment, I summed up my courage and pushed open the glass door. I approached a waitress who seemed less busy behind the counter and I politely asked to see the manager. The first thing she did was access the petite girl in pale blue jeans and a shirt that had the word shout out written in red on a white background, and dirty, worn canvas.

She asked if I had any complaints about the food.

"No, I just need to see the manager". I remember replying.

The waitress then excused herself to get the manager and soon, Harry showed up to attend to me.

I remember feeling nervous when I saw him. He was good-looking and tall and had stubble running along his jawline. His pearly white teeth showed as he spoke to me with a smile, asking what the problem was. I told him what I wanted and I recall he looked me up and down with a wry smile on his lips, he tucked his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants and straightened his posture. I didn't fail to notice his veins popping at the slightest movements.

"Uhmm, little girl.." He started but I interrupted him mid-sentence.

"I'm sixteen".

His brows instantly arched in surprise. I was used to his reaction because I look younger than my age, and people often think I am younger than I am.

"Uhmm, okay.." He talked to me for a while and was reluctant to employ me since he had enough staff. I knew he was going to turn me down if I didn't do something to make him want my service so I instantly told him I could cook.

He was reluctant to hire me, but after pressing him for a chance, he gave me a chance, although he seemed to have agreed out of amusement and curiosity.

He told me to come back the next day and I did, bringing along the ingredients I bought with half of my savings. I was not sure what to cook to impress him so I just chose what I know how to cook best. Mushroom soup.

Harry instantly hired me after tasting the soup, he added the soup to the menu. And now, the soup is the best seller at Harry's.

I walked out of the restaurant with my bag slung on my back and my phone which Gramps had managed to get in my hand.

"Hey Dawn". Kelvin greeted, striding toward the restaurant.

"Hi". I responded with a small smile. "Harry's waiting. I gotta go". I waved and left hurriedly, not waiting to hear his response.

As I hurried down the street, I mentally planned out what I had to do. I had to get home, do the laundry, prepare dinner for Gramps then take it to him at the hospital. I also resolved to ask the doctor about his condition so I will know how to work my ass off to save him. My brows creased in a frown as I remembered the doctor diagnosing him of coronary artery disease.

I took in a deep breath, then exhaled sharply, mentally saying a prayer for him as I turned onto the street leading to our small but comfortable and homely home.

It is usually a lonely street, with only pedestrians passing by so I didn't bother to check before crossing to the other side.

I was hardly on the other side when a car came hurtling around the corner, its headlights blinding me and its horns blaring. I froze as memories flashed before my eyes. I wanted to run but my feet were rooted to the spot, my eyes wide with terror, and my heart racing. The car hurtled toward me, the sound of squealing tires filling the air.

I heard a loud bang and I felt myself falling, my body hitting the hard pavement.

My ears were ringing, the sound of the world muffled and distant. I heard a girl's terrified scream that felt familiar, followed by a man's panicky shout.

The sounds faded and I was left in silence.

The last thing I heard was the rhythmic clicking of shoes against the pavement, and just before everything went black, I saw the glint of shiny black leather shoes, and then, nothing.

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