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Billionaire Bride

Billionaire Bride

img Romance
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Alexander Hardin is an 18-year-old International Swimmer and the Heir to the Hardin's Family, known for his playboy lifestyle and it's all due to his popularity which makes girls lurk around him. Overall, he is a total jerk who fucks anything in skirt, not leaving out female teachers. The only problem he has is his mother who has been pestering him to find one lady to stick with so she could inherit heirloom. Here comes a young lady, Linda is gentle and benevolent to everyone, she'll rather hide her family status as she prefers a low lifestyle, she has everything a Rich's man daughter could ever have but they all stay in her house. Despite having expensive cars and driver's, she chose to go to school with the bicycle purchased from her allowances. It all got to a point that Mr. Hardin, Alexander's father got fed up about his son's arrogant and nonchalant behavior and he came to a conclusion. It was to get him betrothed to his friend's Daughter.

Chapter 1 First day in schools

Chapter one (1)

Linda POV

It's a good Monday, I woke up early happily ready to see my new college. I went to the bathroom and sank myself into the bathtub that is cool and warm.

It's usually prepared by mum, am enjoying the fragrance scent of the flower in my bathwater.

After bathing, I left the bathroom putting on a soft silk towel, one on my body while the other is attached to my head like a turban.

I sat on a chair facing my dressing mirror My caring brother, Lai entered.

"My gorgeous beautiful damsel, hope you slept well?" Lai asked.

He move close to me and sit on a chair,

he hugged me and collected the hairdryer from my hand. He started drying my hair, he applied my hair cream and help me put a hairband in my hair and I'm surprised.

"Lai, where did you see this hair bond?" I asked in surprise

"Hmm, why asking? Can't I buy things for my lovely sister?" He asked and we both burstnto laughter.

"I trust you Lai, but guess you collected it from your girlfriend" I teased and he pinched me

Hmmmmmm no.

"You are just whining me, I went out shopping with Shasha, and she picked it for you. She said the colour will suit your hair and you will like it too" Lai explained.

"Wow, I love her because she always gets me the best,," I said smiling.

I stand and dressed up for school, Lai helped me carry my bag as we both held hands heading to the dining room.

Mummy and daddy are already waiting for us.

I greeted my parents and sat next to Lai. Mummy served us, after taking my meal, I stand up ready for school.

"Mummy, daddy, I will take my leave now. I move close to mom and pecked her.

"Won't you give Dad a peck?" Dad asked jealously

I pecked him and face Lai to collect my bag but he refused to give me.

"Lai, give me my bag, or do you want me to get late for school?" I asked him smiling.


I slide my hand into my pocket and brought out my phone.

"What did you want to do?" Linda asked.

"I want to snap my darling picture in this gorgeous dress" I replied frowning.

"No, don't snap me. You know I don't like that" She begged me but frowned harder.

"You can take your leave," I said holding her tightly.

Mummy and daddy are busying watching our morning drama laughing at us.

Linda keep smiling at me but I frowned at her in return.

"Okay, am ready Lai if that's what will make you happy" Linda replied.

I gave her the school bag and snapped her. Wow, she looks cute and stunning.

"Mum, dad bye see you later," Linda said and rushed out of the house.

Linda POV

I quickly rushed out of the house dodging Lai more threat because he will still force me to go to school in my new car.

I carry my pinky bicycle and start riding to school. It was so cool, I mumbled to myself.

As I ride through the school gate, I alight and park my bicycle, and face the school.

Wow, it's so pretty. I just pray it's funny like my high school.

I don't know the direction to my department, I decided to ask a guy that I saw under a tree, I decided to walk to him but a car entered and splashed water on me. I turn to look at who splashed water in me

I was angry but try to cool myself. I walk to the car which is packed and a guy alighted from it.

Excuse me, see how you splashed water on my clothes, I said softly.

But he ignored me and walk away.

I leave where he packs his car and start cleaning the stains from my clothes including my shoe.

A girl came to my side and clean my dress.

"Good morning dear, I guess you are a newbie here in our college sheeeee asked smiling at me.

"Morning, yes you are right. I replied

"I see.. sorry for what happened earlier dear. That's how he treats other students on this campus" she explained.

"Am Linda, am here to study modeling

Nice meeting you.

"Wow, nice name. You are welcome to Harvard University, am also studying modeling

"So, we are coursemates.

Am Amelia, she replied"What a nice name, I exclaimed.

She holds my hand and leads me to our department

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