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Alpha's Temporary Bride

Alpha's Temporary Bride

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Caroline ran away on the night of the official Mating ceremony following a misunderstanding with her soon-to-be mate, Alpha Maximus, leaving him in a bad situation. In order to avoid damaging his reputation, Alpha Maximus hastily hired a temporary bride: Lillian, who was willing to sell herself. However, he never asked why she accepted his offer for money. He married her and for years took her body and soul, fulfilling his desires in bed, until his ex-fiancée, Caroline, returned to take everything. We were riding in a limo. He was going to his father-in-law's funeral, but he seemed strangely glad about the passing. He held me close, placing me on his lap, and embraced me with a forceful, intense kiss, as if he never wanted it to stop. Feeling uncomfortable, I pulled away and gave him a strange look. He smirked in a disturbing and lustful way, then slid his hands between my legs while whispering in my ear, "I'm going to leave a mark on you right here and now."

Chapter 1 1

Message: Lillian, I have returned, and Alpha Maximus now belongs to me. Leave him, and I will compensate you with twenty million.

Lillian couldn't help but smirk when she read the message on her phone. It came from the woman Alpha Maximus loved most, the one who had left four years ago. She had bestowed upon Lillian the "honor" of being her replacement.

With the phone in hand, Lillian entered the bedroom and cast a longing gaze at the tall man standing by the window. After a moment of staring, she approached him briskly, and the yearning in her eyes faded away. She wrapped her arms around his waist and whispered, "Alpha Terence, Ms. Graham has sent me another message. Shall I call her and explain our relationship?"

"No need for that," Alpha Maximus replied with aloofness. "I have already instructed the lawyer to draft the divorce contract. You only need to sign it."

Feigning sadness, Lillian lamented, "What a pity. I was planning to make things difficult for her. Congratulations, Alpha Terence, on winning back your love."

Even without looking at her expression, Alpha Maximus could sense the lightness in her voice.

If this woman is capable of feeling sadness, it would be a miracle.

Lillian withdrew her hands, ready to leave, when the man grabbed her and pulled her towards him, causing her to collide with his broad chest. Leaning obediently into his arms, she tilted her chin and responded to his passionate kisses.

Breathing slightly heavier after the lingering kiss, she rested against him and spoke sweetly, "Ms. Graham, the woman you've always loved, is finally back. Aren't you afraid she'll be jealous if we continue like this?"

"You are still Mrs. Terence." In other words, as long as they were not divorced, Lillian still had to fulfill her obligations as his wife. He forcefully lifted her chin before planting another passionate kiss on her lips.

If he were being honest, Alpha Maximus did have a liking for Lillian. Apart from her striking resemblance to the woman he loved, he also admired her figure. Men are visual creatures, after all. Unless they truly loved a woman, they would only be enamored by her physical appearance. And compared to older, less attractive women, they preferred young, beautiful ladies with enticing curves.

"Alpha Terence, I have just returned home and I feel sweaty. Let me take a bath first," Lillian murmured seductively as she broke free from his embrace.

Alpha Maximus gave her an ambiguous look and suggested, "Why don't we take one together?"

Lillian winked flirtatiously at him and strode into the bathroom. She peeked her head out and said, "Alpha Terence, I prefer to bathe alone." With that, she closed the door without hesitation.

The glimmer in Alpha Maximus's eyes changed. He enjoyed when she played hard to get, as if she were a natural seductress.

The woman he had loved had left four years ago due to a minor misunderstanding, abandoning their wedding. In her place, he had found a woman who closely resembled her. Although he had married as planned, everyone was shocked that his bride was not the heiress of the Graham family.

Everyone accused him of betraying Caroline. Only the two families knew that she was the one who ran away from the wedding. The Graham family felt guilty towards Alpha Maximus, but out of his unwavering love for Caroline, he did not seek revenge. Instead, he found a materialistic woman to take her place.

That woman, whom everyone claimed had struck gold, was none other than Lillian.

In the end, Lillian was exhausted to the point where she could barely move her fingers. She slept until seven in the evening before finally waking up. After taking a shower and changing into a new dress, she made her way downstairs.

Walking up to Alpha Maximus, who was still having dinner, she quickly planted a kiss on his cheek. Grinning, she asked, "Alpha Terence, why didn't you call me down for dinner too?"

"I couldn't bear to wake you up when I saw you sleeping so peacefully," Alpha Maximus replied, munching on the food on his plate.

Lillian kissed his cheek again and called out to the kitchen, "Emma, I'm hungry."

A chubby and amiable-looking woman soon emerged, carrying a few dishes. "Alpha Terence mentioned that you might be tired and needed more sleep, so he told me to keep the food. I didn't expect you to wake up so early!"

Lillian sat down with a smile. When she saw that the dishes were her favorites, she sweetly praised, "Emma, you're the best. You've prepared all my favorite dishes!"

"Enjoy, Mrs. Terence. You looked thinner when you came back from your trip. Now that you're home, I'll cook delicious food for you every day," Emma replied chuckling.

"Thank you, Emma."

Alpha Maximus was nearly finished with his meal when Emma left. He wiped his mouth and instructed, "Go back to the Terence residence and keep my mom company. My dad is on a business trip, so she must be bored at home."


Lillian continued to smile sweetly. As Alpha Maximus gazed at her smile, he was momentarily lost in thought. While he knew she resembled Caroline, he didn't expect the resemblance to be so striking when she smiled. Yet, when compared to Caroline, Lillian had her own unique charm.

"Be good and listen to her, alright?"

"Yes, Alpha Terence."

As Alpha Maximus stood up, she rose as well. She pointed to her cheek and said, "Alpha Terence, how about a goodnight kiss?"

He glanced at her and walked over, lightly pecking her right cheek.

"Finish your dinner. I have some unfinished work to attend to."


They appeared as a couple who had been living together for decades, knowing each other's habits by heart. Although they didn't show excessive affection, their interactions spoke volumes about their compatibility. No one would have expected their contract marriage to come to an end anytime soon.

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