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Alpha Craig

Alpha Craig

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The earth has 7 continents and in the supernatural verse this 7 continents are ruled by 7 extremely powerful wolf king's . this wolf king's job is to keep the balance between wolves existence and human well-being. And among this wolf king's is alpha king Craig Lockwood. The king of the continent of North America , he's known as the oldest and most powerful alpha alive. Alpha Craig is the only alpha who have existed for the past 300 years with out aging and through out this long period he has been searching for his mate non stop but in this era he has decided to give up the search but the thought of not having a mate made him even more vicious and more dreaded to other alpha king's . But the table is turned when he found his mate but the problem here is that his mate is human and to make matter worst she's from the human clan he despise . What will be the fate of Makima when she comes face to face with the man who is responsible for the destruction of her clan .

Chapter 1 Intro


It's another joyous night in my village , I stood at window of my room and stared down at the happy face of people who were preparing for today's sacrifice ceremony.

Oh sorry my name is Makima daughter of the chief of the Amazon clan , well the Amazon village or clan is a small group of people existing deep in the heart of Hemiko island . This island was named after the great warrior goddess Hemiko , every last day of the month my people pay homage to the goddess Hemiko by performing a sacrifice and guess what the sacrifice is .

The sacrifice we offer to our goddess are the children of the moon or should I say we sacrifice wolves to our goddess , I don't know how this tradition started but my father inherited it from his father who did the same from his own father . So yes this sacrifice has been going on for a very long time , it's believe that the blood of the moon children (wolves ) cleans and produce good harvest to our lands .

So it's a huge celebration but there's one person who hated this practice and that person is my mother , she has never for ones ever appreciated the fact that this offering was done using the blood of the moon children .

The sound of the door opening got my attention and I turn and there stood my mother .

" Makima " she called

"Yes mom "I responded ,she carefully walked close to me and then she took a glance out through the window .

" It's another dark practice just like old times , Makima don't ever follow this people madness . The moon children are innocent creatures and shouldn't be treated this way , a time will come when our village will suffer the consequences of their action " she said and place her hand on my hair , oh I forgot to give you guys the best part of our Village.

Every woman in our village is born with a magic gift just like every man in our village is born with an extra ordinary strength. My mother has the gift to see the future while me on the other hand I have the gift to control wind but I always wanted to have her kind of gift .

"Mother you always say this when ever the ceremony is to be held , tell me what does the future say "I ask curiously but as expected she smile and shook her head negative, tsk she's never gonna tell me anyways .

"Am not allowed to tell you my child but in order to keep your future safe am warning you never to follow the foot steps of this people " she said , a loud trumpet was blown and soon the sound of drums fill the air . It's time for the sacrifice to commence.

" Asha ..Asha " my father called and rush into my room , he pause and carefully scan my mother from head to toe and he frown .

" Don't tell me you're here to discourage my daughter about todays festival"

" This is not a festival rather this is mad practice "she snap , I could see the anger building up in my father eyes .

" Mad practice the goddess Hemiko has been blessing our lands and all she ask for is this little piece of offering" he yell

" And when did she even request for this kind of offering and how am I sure the goddess is even alive " mom said , okay I think she just hit the wrong spot . My father grab her arm and she wince in pain

" Don't you dare talk ill of the goddess , she's the reason you're alive "

"You're hurting me Sion "she whine

" The next time you speak such words I will make sure you get punish "he finally said and let go of her , she stagger back .

" Makima let's go it's time " he said and walk out , I gave mom one last glance before walking out with my dad .

"Ahhhh "I heard mom scream out in frustration.

I and my father walked into the village centre which is already filled up the the villagers , a huge fire was set a the middle of the arena .

The high priestess bow in respect as we both took our position in front of the people .

" It's another great night for us , the goddess has been with us through out our tough times and joyful times and we are here to say think you to her " the priestess said , I look up at the huge status of the goddess Hemiko. I couldn't help but wonder if she is truely a living force.

"Bring forth the sacrifices" the priestess yell , 3 warriors drag in people, 2 male and a female .

"Let go of me " the wolf girl scream but she was dragged forward .

" Ahhhh " one of the wolf man roar and his eyes glowed bright blue showing off his sharp canines, he tried to break free from the chain but it was useless because the chains are made of silver .

The wolves were tired to 3 long pillar and bellow the pillars were dried woods , leaves and straw .

The priestess turn to the status of Hemiko and she lift up her hand .

"Our mother , our queen , our god . Your children have come to you ones again and just like everyone other year we know you will keep your promise. "She said out loud , she pick up a knife and a bowl . Slash the throat of the female wolf

"Ahhhhh "she scream out in horror , the priestess place the bow under the wolf girl next and her blood poured into it and as soon as the bowl was filled with blood she step back .

" And for the final rite , light them " she said , the guards quickly put fire on the woods and in no time the entire alter was on fire .

"Ahhhhh no no please help " my heart ache as I hear the wolves scream out in agony, the fire melt off their skin and the smell of roast flesh fill the air .

The priestess came close to my father , she deep her finger into the wolf blood and she drew an X on my father forehead , she then came to me .

"Princess Makima "she called while smiling showing off her wrinkled face .

" Is it necessary for me to get marked "I ask and she frown .

"Oh yes it is princess Makima , the marks means the goddess will always remember you were here to acknowledge her " she said , I sigh and allowed her to mark my forehead with the blood and as soon as she walk away I quickly wipe the blood from my forehead .

She and her followers move around making everyone present and when they were done she walk back to the fire alter which by now the wolves were already dead .

" Oh mother of water , protector of the Amazonian, keeper of our traditions take our sacrifices and bless our lands " the priestess prayed , a strong wind blew around us and dry dust circle all around the arena .

"Hahahahah do you all hear that , the goddess is please with our sacrifices" the priestess yell and then a heavily thunder clap echoed above us and it started raining . The cry of joy filled the air as young maidens dance around , the rain is the last sigh that shows that the goddess has accepted our sacrifices.

While everyone was busy dancing and singing I slowly sneak out of the arena and hurried home , maybe mom is right this practice is sick . Am 24 years old and through out this time I have witness countless of wolf sacrifice, their cry for mercy as they were being burn to dead . I can still hear their cry but the one that hunts me till this day was 2 years ago when a 10 years old wolf girl was burn alive , her agonising screams is still fresh in my heart . Am not sure I will ever forget her Innocent eyes staring at me as she was dragged to be executed by my people .

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