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Accidentally Pregnant And Married

Accidentally Pregnant And Married

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Anna needs a job after graduating from college. Dean, her closest friend and the guy who has a crush on her, offers to assist. a position with Ben Stryker, his millionaire father. Since she is his son's closest friend and crush and he is almost twice her age, Ben is surprised by how much she has changed when she arrives for work. He is well aware that she is off-limits, and he will maintain that status at all costs. Anna discovers an odd attraction to his severe demeanor. However, it turns out that despite how attractive Anna thinks Ben is, they don't get along at work. They clash heads all the time. Ben quickly declares himself to be the company's leader, but he does it in such a way that Anna is both astonished and furious. Given all the reasons why they shouldn't contact, How did they unintentionally tie the knot? and got pregnant by accident?

Chapter 1 The Perfect Boyfriend

Anna POV

Hell and heaven.

Pain and pleasure.

Here I am, gasping and squirming on a double bed in my college residence hall, my boyfriend's big, wide tongue having caught me in the middle of two universes. It continues to tug me in two ways while stroking my neck, kissing my nipples, and moving toward the area where my thighs meet. When he licks my clit, my body arcs a bit and I let out a little groan. I slightly move my hips as I reach down to grab his hair. It feels freakin' fantastic...

Suddenly, a voice that doesn't belong to me appears in my thoughts. An old voice of mine. It sounds like a warning, and I immediately tense up on the bed. Dominic stops raises his head, and frowns sternly at me.


"I'm at ease."

He lifts himself toward me and breathes softly. I am aware that this is Anna's first time. I said I would be kind, do you remember?"

"Yes, I do remember."

“Good.” His lips encircle mine for a passionate kiss that causes my chest to become warm to the touch. As waves of unrelenting heat pass through my body, a throbbing hunger overtakes me. I'm temporarily unable to move or think, yet I'm not grumbling. The stress from before has already faded. When his teeth make a seductive bite onto my lower lip, my pussy clenches.

We tangle under the flimsy comforter I purchased during my college freshman year while my dorm bed creaks beneath me. For the first time, this location is not perfect. The king-sized bed at Dominic's place would have been my preference. He hasn't ever brought me there, however, for whatever reason. Because our relationship is new, I haven't really pressed the matter. But I'm sure it will all change after tonight when I've given him this valuable piece of myself.

When Dominic sucks my nipple in his mouth, my body trembles and he grips my breasts once more. This time, he is not being gentle. I want to grind my pussy against him till I explode into a million pieces as a result of the wonderful agony that his teeth provide when they bite the erect bud. God, I want to come so much. I can't wait to carry him inside of me and let go of my virginity. It has taken a while to happen.

My eyes jerk to the stack of books on my work desk as my hands grab his tank top to yank it off. I should have been studying, but Dominic wanted to come over and my roommate was out on a date. I wasn't going to say no to him. not after waiting so long to let him in. Not when I believe he has merited this priceless portion of me. Only agreeing to a kiss at the end of the night after our dates, he has been so patient. Boys his age don't act in that manner. Particularly when I tell them I want to take things slowly, they flee.

Dominic moves lower as he puts a stop to the pain of sweet and sour on my breasts. I already miss the pleasurable experience, but I am at a loss for words to express my need for more.

I hear the words in my thoughts again as his lips nip the area under my navel. My mother is calling. Anywhere, I would recognize that high-pitched voice. She continues to influence me in some way even after all these years.

"Avoid guys at all costs. Boys have a single desire.

It's the last I have of her. her letters. She spoke. her ancestry.

I chase those bubbles of recollections floating in my brain away after being zapped by the sizzle of his lips sliding lower. In contrast to what most mothers believe, Mom wasn't always correct. Dominic is not that way. I had adhered to the dating-101 for romantics manual. learned about his pals and their friends. We went on a lot of impromptu dates throughout the first half of our sophomore year, and he was always kind enough to wait for me after class, refrain from interfering with our study sessions, bring me my preferred brand of coffee, etc. is that "the perfect boyfriend" cup on his desk? When I gave it to him after our first month of dating, I briefly freaked out. But he has consistently shown that I made the proper decision at the time. Not to add that he is extraordinarily intelligent, attractive, and strong—qualities that make him the object of many stray glances—even if he never makes a big deal out of them. But he continues to support me.

“You’re...” His short, black hair strands attract my fingertips. Dominic raises his head, his eyes opening briefly and becoming a little deeper shade of blue.

I mumble under my breath, "You're my boyfriend-dream come true," and grin, which shows my confidence in how strong our relationship is and that I know he's the one I want to share my virginity with. Not going to lie, it's been a real circus, refusing every man that came into my life until I was in college. Dominic does not deserve me; those pump-and-dumpers do.

He says with a haughty smile, "I am?"

I avert my gaze a bit. "As if you weren't aware," she said.

“Mhm-Mhm. But...” He separates my thighs while his eyes are fixed on mine. "I'm going to make you come so hard, that much I know. You won't be getting out of this bed anytime soon, I promise.

He cuts into my skin and forces the response down my throat. He has a fiery touch. His tongue is like kerosene. He moves in slow, careful circles at first, then flicks so forcefully that my eyes begin to well up with tears as he makes a masterpiece on my clit, engulfing me in out-of-control flames. He attacks my clit while still slipping two fingers inside of me, nibbling, tugging, sucking, and gently murdering me while he does so.

I'm certain that whoever is in the dorm room next door hears my groans. But I could care less. The sensual joy that is surging up inside of me is impossible to restrain. I have to express everything. Dominic uses his tongue to siphon out every last drop of my climax as my body jerks on the bed like a mad bull. He soon retreats, giving me time to gather myself. I gasp for air as I writhe on the bed, still in a state of pleasure. I saw him removing his boxers and pants from under partially closed lids. While he releases it, his cock bounces. I hunch up on my elbows to prepare for him.

Dominic replies, "I've been looking forward to this," and his grin makes me swoon.

I burst out laughing with glee. "Me too."

He glides over me and uses his knees to split my thighs. My heartbeat picks up pace. I'm having trouble breathing properly.

“Gosh.” I inhale deeply as I get ready for the most important event of my life. I had spent many hours daydreaming about this moment.

His wide fingers encircle my waist and force my entry up against his rumbling erection. "Oh, God, Avery."

“Wait...” I immediately feel ice cold as he touches me, and my heart sinks to the bottom of my stomach. “Avery?”

No. I must have misheard. But when he slams his head against his chest and yells "Fuck," I know my ears are in perfect functioning order.

“Avery? You've got to be joking, right?

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